Digital Technology Tutoring

Specialising in working with people with disabilities.

I provide one-on-one training and support in digital technologies such as mobile phones, iPads, tablets, computers, the Internet and social media.

Contact: or 0404 130 342
NDIS Service Provider Number: 4050024930

I Can Help You With:

  • How to use mobile phones, iPads, tablets, computers & other digital devices.
  • Using the Internet & social media – including the NDIS portal, MyGov, Medicare Online, online banking & shopping etc.
  • Finding, downloading, installing & using programs & apps.
  • Buying digital devices or phone, Internet & NBN plans.
  • Customising your digital devices for special needs, or learning how to use their accessibility features, such as speech recognition.

I can assist you in getting the most out of your digital devices. I will work with you to find ways that technology can be used to help you to achieve your goals and become more independent.

I am sensitive to the challenges faced by people with disabilities and can personalise our sessions to suit your individual needs.

I live in Inner West Sydney, but can travel to your home or workplace, or we can meet in a cafe or library (fees may apply). We can also meet over voice chat.

Payment Methods

The method by which I charge depends on how your plan is managed.

If You Are Agency Managed:

Then this means that I must be engaged as a registered provider. Whilst I'm registered to deliver only one support item - Innovative Community Participation, item number 09_008_0116_6_3 - in the Increased Social and Community Participation (Category 9) support category, I can be paid with any available funding in that category unless support items (other than mine) are specifically stated in your plan.

If You Are Plan Managed:

If you have a plan manager and don't have funds in the Increased Social and Community Participation (Category 9) support category I can still be paid with other line items in other support categories. Ask your plan manager whether you have any suitable funding in your plan, or get them to contact me.

If You Are Self Managed:

As with plan managed, if you don't have available funds in the Increased Social and Community Participation (Category 9) support category then I can still be paid with other line items in other support categories. Self-management is very flexible. Self-managed participants don't have to comply with the NDIS price guide - like plan managers do - and can negotiate their fee rates with providers.

Fee Schedule

These are my standard fees, by I am always open to negotiation (see below).

Initial assessment:

$150 each

from $110/hr
Resource development:


$100 each

To see what goes on in an initial assessment, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Location Fees

If you are located more than an hour away by public transport my fee may be higher than $110/hr. We can avoid or reduce this higher fee by:

  • Arranging to meet at a location that is closer to me, such as a library or a cafe.
  • Having sessions longer than one hour, e.g. 1.5 - 2 hours.
  • Meeting over voice chat (Skype, Zoom etc.)
Concessions, Negotiated Rates & Pro Bono

My ultimate goal is to help people with disabilities get the technology support they need. If you think you might have difficulty paying my standard fees, whether it be due to financial hardship, money not being in the right budget, having a plan manager who feels constrained by the NDIS price guide, or for any other reason, please contact me so that we can work something out. In very special cases I work pro bono (for free).

Registered Support Categories & Line Items

I am registered for the following:

Increased Social and Community Participation (Category 9)*
  • Support Item: Innovative Community Participation
  • Support Item Description: Mainstream services that promote inclusion of people with disability to expand opportunities for community participation and employment.
  • Support Item Number: 09_008_0116_6_3
  • Registration Group: Innovative Community Participation

*Note: Not Assistance with social and community participation (Category 4).

Assistive Technology (Category 5)
  • Support Item: Programming/Customisation Of Electronic Equipment
  • Support Item Description: Programming/customisation of electronic equipment.
  • Support Item Number: 05_702288440_0124_1_2
  • Registration Group: Communication And Information Equipment
  • Support Item: Recreation Equipment Delivery - Set Up/Training
  • Support Item Description: Equipment delivery, removal from wrapping, set up adjustment and training for the participant's disability specific needs.
  • Support Item Number: 05_703000332_0112_1_2
  • Registration Group: Assistive Equipment For Recreation

Other Line Items

Participants who are plan managed or self managed can also pay using line items from other support categories.

The best line item for me in the Core budget is:

Support Item: Community, Social And Recreational Activities
Support Item Description: Annual support to enable a participant to independently engage in community, social and recreational activities when costs of participation exceed an affordable level and without, the participant would be at risk of social isolation.
Support Item Number: 04_115_0125_6_1
Support Category: Assistance with social and community participation (Category 4)

This item has no price cap, so I can charge my standard rates. However, it does have an annual cap of $1098, which means a limit of about 9 hours of support per year.

Under certain circumstances, I can be paid using other items in Core. A list of suggested line items is available in this document: Suggested NDIS Support Items - Sean FitzGerald

A full list of line items can be found on the Support Catalogue spreadsheet (not the PDF Price Guide) available at NDIS Pricing and Payment. Direct download: NDIS Support Catalogue (csv format)


National Police Check Number: 50240605
Working With Children Number: WWC1557500E (expires 16/01/2023)