Mobile Device Resources

Assistive Technology

Independent Living Centres Australia - Mobile Phones

Seniors Phones - A range of phones suitable for seniors

Jeenee Mobile – Specialised mobile phone services for the elderly and people living with disabilities

VisionTelco | Olitech Easy Mate+ Large Button Mobile Phone

Tecuris - Interactive Technology for Aged & Disability Care

Technical Solutions Australia - Specialising in electronic devices for people with a disability

General Resources

Mobile Accessibility - Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI)
Find a mobile phone, device or app that will be suitable based on your particular accessibility needs.

Affordable Access Initiative
Help making educated choices on technological devices for people with hearing, sight or cognitive issues or disabilities, that are both affordable and easy to use.

Australian Mobile Providers - Carriers & Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) | IDD
A list of Mobile Virtual Network Operators with their parent networks.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators in Australia, Australian Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Australian MVNO, MVNO in Australia, Virtual Operators, Virtual Carriers
Another list of Mobile Virtual Network Operators with their parent networks

American Psychiatric Association's App Evaluation Model
A serious of questions designed to help evaluate mental health apps.

How to use less data on your smartphone
Tips for using less data on your smartphone. For iPhone and Android.