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  • How to Minimise Mobile Data Usage
  • How to Minimise Power Usage
  • How to Pick a Strong Password that's Easy to Remember
  • How to Reduce Data Usage by Connecting to Free WiFi
  • How to Turn a Phone On and Off
  • How to Put a Phone to Sleep and Wake it Up
  • How to Make a Phone Call and Hang Up
  • How to use the Home Screens and App Drawer
  • How to Add a Phone Number to Contacts
  • How to Send and Delete Text Messages
  • How to Send a Photo by SMS
  • Finding & Installing Smartphone Apps
  • Creating a Free Email Account with Gmail
  • The Difference Between Phone Makers & and Phone Plan Providers
  • Choosing and Getting the Most Out of a Phone Plan
  • How to Find and Connect to Free Wifi Networks
  • How to Use the Quick Settings Menu
  • Changing Phone Settings
  • Different Types of Batteries
  • Making Phones Easier to Use Using Accessibility Options
  • Where to Get Help - Google, library courses, Apple & Microsoft shops, network provider shops, kiosks.

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